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About CA Service Desk Manager

Service desk software from CA Technologies lets you optimize the business userís support experience. Using CA Service Desk Manager, you will be able to easily automate incident, problem, knowledge management, interactive support, self service and advanced root cause analysis.

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Attention Software solutions for CA Service Desk Manager

Attention Software extends the value of CA Service Desk Manager by providing true enterprise class alerting for all CA Service Desk Manager trouble ticket events.

Using a combination of Internet-based and out of band notification technologies—out of band alerts are not dependent on Internet connectivity for delivery—the Attention!® product suite provides assurance that critical enterprise events will be responded to in a timely manner.

When implementing a notification strategy that delivers a high volume of SMS text messages, it is paramount to consider the fixed and variable costs associated with your chosen solution. SMS delivery services that require use of dedicated short codes will cost $9,000 per year for short code registration, in addition to per-message fees for every SMS transmission.

The Attention! product suite provides out of band, unlimited SMS text messaging for around $40/month.

  Web-based alarm manager enables filtering and event correlation on any combination of CA Service Desk Manager ticket parameters.

  Notification escalation chains continue to contact designated personnel until the problem is addressed.

  Web-accessible Calendars allow users to choose how they are notified based on date and time.

  Support for virtually all forms of notification, including SMS text messaging, pagers, email, voice telephone calls, IM and custom techniques.

  Acknowledgement Tracking reports verify the right people receive the alerts.

  24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of CA Service Desk Manager availability

  2-way communication using:

  • Email
  • cell phones
  • Android phones
  • BlackBerry Smartphones
  • iPhones

Integrating CA Service Desk Manager events with the alarm management and notification capabilities of the Attention! product family takes a matter of minutes. Please contact your Attention Software sales representative for additional information.

Attention Software CA Service Desk Manager solution
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